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The  Happy Couple

Susana K. Chan
The Bride

Susana is a born and bred New Yorker. She feels that her New York State driver’s license gives her the most credibility as a New Yorker because she managed to earn it with barely 7 hours of life experience behind a wheel and it has been used more often as ID for certain establishments than for driving (which hasn’t happened since the 90’s). She accepted Christ a month before she turned 18 through the miracle of three words: “Jesus loves you.” (Ask her for her story!)  After several years in immigrant youth ministry in Chinatown, she now works for her church office, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, as Coordinator of Community Formation.  Susana considers herself a loyal Yankees fan even though she is not really sure she can name more than 5 people on their roster.  

Jonathan D. Gough
The Groom

Jonathan spent his first 5 years in Philly before being planted onto the lush city grass on Staten Island.  After gallivanting all over the northeast educating himself in Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology, he has finally landed back in the city.  He is busy setting up his research lab and teaching undergraduate and graduate courses at Long Island University in Brooklyn.  Jonathan is a loyal Red Sox fan and a member of Red Sox Nation.  He can name all but 5 people on their roster.

The Entourage

Kathy Fung (Friend from junior high school)
Maid of Honor

Jungu Olobia (Roommate from Pittsburgh)
Matron of Honor

Yi Ya Tan-Buccheri (Friend from first church)

Michele Hung (Cousin)

Eva Yong (Friend from junior high school)

Obiageli Obidi (Friend from college)

Ruthanne Gough (Jonathan's sister)

Joe Gough (Brother)
Best Man

Jeff Turner (Friend from college)
Best Man

Scott Shimotsu (Friend from New Haven)

Matthew Saufley (Friend From Syracuse)

Ken-Shing Law (Friend from New Haven)

Jason Betz (Cousin)

Leanne Gough (Jonathan’s little cousin)
Junior Bridesmaid

Hannah Buccheri (Our friends’, Matthew & YiYa's, daughter)
Flower Girl

Bobby Gough (Jonathan’s little cousin)
Ring Bearer 

Kaitlyn Gough (Jonathan’s littlest cousin)
Runway Engineer

Elliot Chan (Susana’s nephew)
Runway Engineer
Additional People who Help Make It Happen

Rev. Jay Ridenour (Friend, Mentor, Pastor, and Prayer partner)

Rev. Dr. Josh Moody (Dear Friend, Mentor and Pastor to Jonathan)
Pastor & Officiant

Yickkam and Chai Wing Chan
Parents of the Bride

Joanne and Bill Gough
Parents of the Groom

Diney Hsu and Daniel Fatzler (Our Fellowship Group Co-Leaders)

Frank Timari (Gough Family Friend)

Carolyn Leutwiler (Susana's friend, co-worker, and encouragement)
Ceremony Soloist

Christie Allen (Our Fellowship Group Co-Leader)
Reception Starlet

Bella aka The Boo Doll 
Personal Therapist